The Law Offices of Thomas A. Martin represents clients throughout Southeast Texas, including the cities of Houston, Galveston, Memorial, River Oaks, West University,
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The Law Offices of Thomas A. Martin represents individuals facing serious felony charges in both state and federal trial and appellate courts. We represent people facing felony charges from drugs to murder, and have developed an emphasis on sex crimes (both adult and child offenses).

In our commercial litigation practice, we represent small business owners facing "bet the business" litigation prospects if the opposing side wins.

With our family law practice, we cherish the opportunity to represent parents, especially fathers, who need a divorce and want to keep or get custody of their kids.

As a family law and criminal defense firm, the Law Office of Thomas A. Martin knows how emotionally-confusing, frustrating, and dangerous domestic violence can be. Family disputes have, unfortunately, become all too common and tension at home can inexcusably lead to outbursts of violence. If you or a loved is suffering from domestic violence, let our family law practice handle your legal needs while we work to stop the violence and protect you and your family.

Protect yourself with restraining order. Domestic violence laws protect the rights of individuals threatened or abused by spouses, former spouses, family members, or individuals related by "affinity" - a removed family relationship such as unrelated, unwed parents of a child.

Depending on the type of abuse involved, the victim of domestic violence can file a criminal or civil charge against their attacker, or file for a temporary or permanent protective order to:

-Stop communication with the victim
-Keep the abuser from the proximity of the victim
-Require the abuser to undergo treatment and counseling
-Deal with matters of child custody, support, and visitation
-Prohibit the abuser from leaving with the victim's child
-Grant the victim exclusive residence of any shared property

Failure to properly respect a court issued order of protection results in mandatory arrest of the person who it is issued against. It is an effective method to stop domestic violence before it starts, but the process for convincing a court to grant one can be complex and difficult. Because the subject of the restraining order can be put under mandatory arrest, the courts require specific evidence for most criminal restraining orders relating to domestic abuse.

Protect yourself by contacting us TODAY! We can assist you in developing a legal strategy specifically tailored to your personal circumstances and legal needs. Our professional, understanding, and caring help can assist you to leave the bonds of an abusive relationship.