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Criminal laws and the criminal procedure used to prosecute individuals charged with state crimes can vary from state to state. Generally similar to federal criminal procedure, in Texas and other states, criminal procedure is defined by the state constitution, statutes, rules, and judicial decisions.

The Law Offices of Thomas A. Martin has been aggressively protecting the legal rights and successfully defending clients charged with Texas State and Federal crimes since 1997. The crimes and criminal matters attorney Thomas Martin handles include: Sex crimes, Drug charges/possession, Assault/domestic violence, White Collar Crime, Robbery, Murder and Intoxication manslaughter.

In all criminal cases, the accused has the right to remain silent and to legal representation at each stage of criminal proceedings from an arrest through trial. The accused also has the right to a speedy and public jury trial.

Typically, criminal cases begin when the police arrest an individual. An arrest may be made based upon "probable cause," that a crime was committed, however, the prosecutor who reviews the police report, decides whether he can prove the case.

If the state prosecutor files charges against you, your liberty, your reputation and perhaps your life itself may be at stake. Retaining a competent criminal defense lawyer, the moment you are accused of a serious crime is an essential first step. A lawyer can preserve your legal rights, ensure that you understand the charges filed against you, explain your available defenses, the likely plea bargains a prosecutor may make, and what you may expect to happen in the event you are convicted of the criminal offense in question.

Beyond fines, jail or prison sentences, a state felony conviction also carries numerous consequences that affect many aspects of your life, such as loss of voting rights, loss of professional licenses, exclusion from lines of work such as teaching, nursing and law enforcement, and ineligibility for public office. A criminal record may also prevent you from getting a job, a mortgage, and even renting an apartment or traveling to a foreign country.

Whether your case is dismissed or the allegation leads to conviction, acquittal, or a favorable settlement, will depend on your attorney’s skills. At the Law Offices of Thomas A. Martin, we put our criminal defense experience and litigation know-how to work for you. Marshaling evidence and developing an aggressive strategy in your defense, you can rely on our steadfast commitment to serve justice and to achieve the best results possible, no matter how challenging the proceedings.

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The Law Offices of Thomas A. Martin represents individuals facing serious felony charges in both state and federal trial and appellate courts. We represent people facing felony charges from drugs to murder, and have developed an emphasis on sex crimes (both adult and child offenses).

In our commercial litigation practice, we represent small business owners facing "bet the business" litigation prospects if the opposing side wins.

With our family law practice, we cherish the opportunity to represent parents, especially fathers, who need a divorce and want to keep or get custody of their kids.