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The Law Offices of Thomas A. Martin represents individuals facing serious felony charges in both state and federal trial and appellate courts. We represent people facing felony charges from drugs to murder, and have developed an emphasis on sex crimes (both adult and child offenses).

In our commercial litigation practice, we represent small business owners facing "bet the business" litigation prospects if the opposing side wins.

With our family law practice, we cherish the opportunity to represent parents, especially fathers, who need a divorce and want to keep or get custody of their kids.

Once a sex crime investigation starts, it is difficult to slow down the pace and get the investigator to listen to your side of the story. That is why you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. If you have been charged or if you think you might be charged, call us immediately so that we can begin protecting your rights and investigating the facts.

Society looks at sex crime accusations suspiciously, often assuming guilt on the part of anyone who has been questioned. Your reputation and your freedom could be at stake. Even when there is no physical evidence of rape or other sexual assault or sexual abuse, the investigation will usually proceed.

Police and prosecutors work quickly and aggressively on sex crime cases. If the police want to question you, you cannot rely on your innocence to protect you. You need a lawyer who can explain the process to you, defend your rights, and start investigating on your behalf.

Our criminal defense law firm has handled all types of sex offenses involving adults, including but not limited to:

-Aggravated Sexual Assault
-Improper Relationship between Therapist and Patient
-Improper Sexual Photo or Visual Recording
-Indecent Exposure
-Prohibited Sexual Contact (incest)
-Public Lewdness
-Sexual Assault (rape)
-Teacher and Student Sex

We know that a love letter or an incriminating photo or an innocent action can be interpreted many different ways. We know that you might say something in a police interview that could be taken in more than one way. That is why it is so important to have a lawyer present who is focused on your rights.